Merry Christmas

Posted 24 December 2018

Thank you for a fantastic 2018!

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Automated External Defibrillators

Posted 13 November 2018

The wonders of the life saving boxes!

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World Mental Health Day

Posted 10 October 2018

Not all problems are visible. Mental health problems affect almost 20% of people. What can we do to help each other?

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Here’s to more years of being environmentally friendly!

Posted 11 September 2018

We all have responsibilities to the environment. We take ours seriously…

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Anaphylaxis – Part 1

Posted 25 July 2018

Anaphylaxis can be a dangerous condition that develops rapidly. Recognising the common symptoms is vital as it helps instigate life-saving treatment. Find our 6 top things to look for here…

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Posted 5 September 2017

Another ISO standard!

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Safeguarding Training

Posted 29 August 2017

Safeguarding training is integral to many job roles. Our new training packages will help you to recognise signs of safeguarding issues and give you the knowledge and courage to act.

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